Innovation – Property Management

Innovation – Property Management


Congratulations to ESD as the winner of the 2020 Innovation Award for Property Management.

Riverside Investment and Development was looking to provide an opportunity to differentiate its building and create a healthier and safer space that inspires confidence, trust, and transparency during the pandemic. Working together, ESD, Riverside Investment and Development and cohesion deployed a state-of-the-art indoor air quality program that holistically combines secondary air purification, the most advanced commercial filtration system on the market, ventilation rates that significantly exceed national standards and 24/7/365 indoor air quality and pollutant measurement and verification to inspire tenant confidence.

The combination of optimized ventilation air, superior mechanical filtration and the bipolar ionization air purification system provide high indoor air quality. Distributed air quality sensors measure and verify performance of eight separate air quality components including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, VOC’s, airborne particulates, ozone, radon, formaldehyde, and outdoor fresh air supply rates. The data is connected through cohesion’s Intelligent Building Platform to the Building Automation System so that the HVAC system can proactively respond and optimize ventilation rates and air quality throughout the building. Tenants also have access to the data and can seamlessly monitor the indoor air quality through an intuitive app on their mobile phone or computer to verify the current indoor air quality conditions.

In the increasingly connected world, this innovative application provides air quality data that is useful for both operators and occupants. With forward-thinking transparency, the data is compiled into meaningful metrics and shared with occupants to give them insight into building operations and performance.

The upgrades made to the building, which follow CDC guidelines, impact the users (owners, operators, and tenants) by:

  • Actively cleaning and filtering the building’s air to reduce mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, odors, and other harmful pollutants in the occupied space.
  • Driving environmental system changes and airflow adjustments to improve air quality based on the data received from sensors.
  • Improving transparency by providing occupants visibility into indoor environmental conditions through a simple, intuitive app that displays real-time indoor air quality performance metrics.
  • Boosting occupants’ confidence that building operators are continuously monitoring and responding to the factors that keep the building healthy.

Project Team:

  • ESD
  • Riverside Investment and Development
  • cohesion