Innovation – Industrial Design

Innovation – Industrial Design


Congratulations to Monaco & Company as the winner of the 2020 Innovation Real Award in Industrial Design.

A confidential tech firm required the relocation of their industrial design team to relocate from a private office setting to a semi-open workplace environment. Based on their need for privacy and collaboration, the client team did not want to relocate and pushed back to senior leadership.

Monaco & Company designed a new product that provided the team a solution that addressed both criteria and generated excitement by the team leader that the new workplace will be better than the existing.

The design solution comprised of six curved whiteboard panels with writable surfaces on both the concave and convex surfaces. The employee desks were located on the perimeter of the space with a "group pit" in the center for team connections and discussions.

Each custom rolling whiteboard was used by the employees on one side for targeted design meetings, then all six panels are rotated for the individual teams to share content in a larger group setting.

These panels also provide the requested privacy from adjacent departments. Because this project was accomplished during the COVID crises, the screening feature to separate between groups was highly desirable.

Project Team:

  • Monaco & Company - designer / program lead
  • BIG Construction – GC
  • Huber Millwork – fabrication
  • Cushman Wakefield - Project Manager